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Posted on: May 20, 2010 12:26 pm

No Sympathy For Josh Beckett

Beckett is an over-rated scumbag. Yes I said it, and I stand behind it. And I do not hate the Red Sox or anything, so please don't take this as some kind of anti-Red Sox rant. This is about Beckett, and beckett alone. What has he done other than the 03 series and 07 alcs? Answer: Sucked, bitched and head hunted. The scowl, the bean balls, the ego, the whole deal.....no synpathy for him now. He thinks he's the next Roger Clemens, and he so clearly is not. The Red Sox overpaid, and overvalued him, and now that he's injured they should be HAPPY. Yes they are spending a ton of money on him, but at least now they don't have to deal with his bloated era and antics. Bottomline....Was Clemens a scum-bag? Absolutly, but he was a hall of famer, so at least his arrogance was based on something. Beckett's arrogance is based on two great performances in a career filled with embarrasing ego tripping mediocrity.

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