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Posted on: July 11, 2008 10:59 am
Edited on: July 11, 2008 11:06 am

Thoughts on Paul O'Neill's #21 being worn

This is in response to Scott Miller's article when he discussed when Latroy Hawkins originally wore #21 this season for the Yankees and was pressured to change it by the fans because that was the number that Paul O'Neill wore (among other points about players he hates). He stated:

"....he has a high enough opinion of himself to give it a whirl. The most asinine occurrence of the year came in April, when Yankees fans were giving it to reliever LaTroy Hawkins because he was wearing O'Neill's old No. 21. Nobody had worn it since Paulie, but because Hawkins' first choice was one of a zillion numbers the Yankees had retired, he had to pick another. So he attempted to honor Roberto Clemente ... and Yankees fans reacted as if he had dumped manure during the Pope's visit.

O'Neill, of course, had the perfect venue to make life easier for a new Yankee: the airwaves. He could have stepped up and urged fans to welcome Hawkins. Instead, O'Neill said he found it sort of surprising that someone was wearing his number. Strange to see his old number warming up in the bullpen, O'Neill said.  As Steve Martin once said, let's get small, Paul. "

I agree with him on some points, but when he starts going off on Paul O'Neill he looks so dumb it just erases any point he made. It's a pathetic attempt to stir the pot and get people talking (which ironically I am blatantly falling into his trap. Oh Scott Miller you crafty devil you!!). So, I agree with him that the San Diego catchers are horrendous, Jose Reyes is a glorified circus freak, and Andruw Jones and Eric Gagne are blatant steroid casulties. Fine, no arguments there. And of course he has to throw in the obligatory 'A-Rod is rich and a hall of fame legend and banging supermodels and I secretly wish I was him and I hate him' schpeel. I won't even argue with him there, because these people just can't grasp the reality that A-Rod is a legend of the sport.

That said, calling out Paul O'Neill because the Yankee fans want #21 retired?!? PLEASE. LaTroy Hawkins is a complete nobody. Paul O'Neill is a Yankee legend. That should be the end of the discussion right there. He has every right to act the part of Yankee legend. Scott Miller has a problem because O'Neill didn't give the typical PC neutered answer of 'awe shucks, I just wake up every day and say how lucky I am just to be here and done what I've done, etc.' F that. Paul O'Neill was the epitomy of what a Yankee is, was, and will always be. The fact that he sided with the fans proves that you moron. 

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