Posted on: December 22, 2008 10:55 am

The perfect storm of Failure & Delusion

Hahahahahaha. That was one of the funniest games I've ever watched. Only the Jets could walk into the "Seneca Wallace buzzsaw". Only the Jets couold get zero pass rush against 5 backups on the Seattle offensive line. Only the Jets could blow a game like that.  I think it can be summed up by uber Jets fan Joe Boningo of WFAN when he said this morning "Nothing ever changes." . But what's even better than the Seattle loss is the fact that it sets up the ultimate funeral next week when the hated Dolphins led by Chad "Pop Gun" Pennington come into Giants stadium and publically execute the Jets, their fans, and their worthless organization. I seriously can't wait to sit back and watch the debacle go down. Favre deserves every bit of the boos he's gonna get. He's finally been exposed for what he is, an over-rated prima donna who's self-centered actions in the off-season are going to submarine another pathetic Jets season. It's the perfect storm of failure and delusion. J E T S!!!!! hahahahahahaha
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Posted on: August 7, 2008 12:32 pm
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Thoughts on Brett "The Cher of the NFL" Favre

Brett Favre is a complete douche. It really is mind-blowing how ESPN, and seemingly the majority of the sports nation have given this crying loser a pass on his pathetic "Cher like" actions over the years, and treat him like the greatest QB that ever lived. First off, he's not the greatest QB that ever lived, and he shouldn't even be in the conversation. The man has as many Superbowls as Brad Johnson and more interceptions than any player that ever played. But this is not a discussion of his greatness on the field, so without digressing into the validity (or lack there of) of his passing records in relation to the other great QB's who have played, let me just say that I am glad he has tarnished his image beyond repair.

People gave TO (and rightfully so) crap for his antics with the Eagles. This is no different. Favre, like TO, thinks he is bigger than his team or league. They both feel that they deserve special treatment since they are so great. The irony is that in football, the "team" is most important, not an individual player (ironic that TO and Favre have 1 superbowl between them?). How quickly we forget the bad games Brett had, or the bad years the Packers had with him or the ridiculously stupid plays he repeatedly made or his total choke job in last years's NFC championship game. I don't see highlights of any of that running 24/7 on ESPN. And to continuously "retire" and come back like you're the great savior and God's gift to football, or for attention or whatever reason he does these things is pathetic. Now the disgusting saga will be amplified since he's coming to New York. And all I can say is I can't wait to see him fail here (NY) because it really doesn’t matter if the Jets got him.

The Jets still (and always will) suck. The most pathetic excuse for an organization deserves the most pathetic excuse for a hall of fame QB. They're perfect for each other. I hope Brett enjoys being buried on the back page of the paper on a weekly basis for his ridiculous interceptions and losing record. A treatment that the "Cher of the NFL" is not accustomed to, having played in backwoods, cheer for anything, family values, pc bitch Wisconsin land. The Packers fans are the St. Louis Cardinals fans of the NFL (they’ll cheer a ground out as long as good ol’ Johnny hustle tried hard). The Jets fans are the Mets fans of the NFL, a bunch of frustrated losers who have nothing better to do then drink 30 packs of Coors light and share in each others collective failure, which the Jets (and Mets) personify. Keep hanging onto 1969 you losers (who weren't even born then by the way). You deserve Favre and Favre definatly deserves you.

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