Tag:NBA Finals
Posted on: June 6, 2008 12:08 pm

Paul Pierce is PATHETIC!!!!

The man is no doubt an offensive force, but after witnessing that pathetic "injury" last night, he is obviously a complete fraud. I thought those idiot European soccer players were bad when they go down like they were shot at close range after they barely bump into somebody prancing around the "pitch", but I give them a pass because it's part of their "ballet on grass" sport. But basketball, in AMERICA, c'mon Pierce!!! ("You're better than that" Mark Jackson) Show a little toughness. Getting carried off the court like he was just run over by truck, writhing in pain, etc. then returning a few minutes later and hitting fade away 30 footers with ease. Please. Pathetic, absolutly pathetic. You could see the league setting up the cameras for the perfect shot of his inevitable "triumphant" return out of the locker room a mear 3 minutes after he appeared to need to be submitted to the ICU. If you actually think that that was all real last night, you have a substance abuse problem. That farce was an insult. Pierce can play, but his true charachter was revealed by that pathetic display.
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