Posted on: June 20, 2008 1:35 pm

Thoughts on the Willie Randolph Firing

Was it a good or bad thing they ask?

I suppose it was the right move for the Mets organization, but it's not as if Willie failed. He was brought in to manage a group of talented, but moreso immature kids and faded veterans. Jose Reyes has all the talent in the world, but he's a freak show. He's the "And 1" version of major league baseball. Tim Duncan hits boring 15 foot bank shots and wins championships, while "Hot Sauce" does reverse windmill dunks on 13 foot rims and gets backstage passes to Bow Wow concerts. Reyes is "bling bling" and Duncan is championship rings. Granted Minaya tried to get rid of some of the obsurdity by getting rid of Lastings "Keeping it rizeal" Milledge and his burgeoning rap career, but the dye had been cast on this group of malcontents and permanently cursed franchise long ago. Willie getting fired is the best thing for him. He wasn't punished for being a bad manager, he was given a life raft on a quickly sinking ship. He was rescued from the perrenial hell of Mike and the Mad Dog and all the idiot Mets fans constant overanalyzation of the team (which by the way serves as confirmation that none of them actaully have any type of lives). So was it a good move? Yes. Willie was rescued from the titanic, and the loser Mets fans have something to talk about on Saturday nights.

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