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Posted on: July 15, 2008 9:09 am

Thoughts on Josh Hamilton's homerun derby showing

Watching Josh Hamilton last night was a revelation. I've never seen somebody hit that many shots, that far with that much ease. In fact I doubt anyone ever has. It was truly historic and unbelievable. And despite ESPN's efforts to overproduce and ruin his story with cheesy camera angles, extended commercial breaks, incessant terrible Joe Morgan commentary (i.e. right after Hamilton clearly asks his pitcher to switch to the gold ball, Morgan says "I think he just told him to take something off it because he's tired") and every commentator's cheesy overdramatic comments on Hamilton's story, Hamilton's story and the fans reaction provided an actual RARE genuine moment on TV. I got the corny chills watching it (particularly when the fans were chanting "Ham-il-ton!, Ham-il-ton!, Ham-il-ton!)and that's very rare nowadays in our overproduced, Fox News / paparazzi celebreality 'American Idol' driven culture. So to Josh Hamilton I say, thank you. Last night was truly an amazing spectacle to witness.
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